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Have you been accused of something you have not done? Do you suspect your partner is not being honest with you or even cheating? Whatever it is that you need to find the truth about or you want to prove your own innocence a lie detector test can help you.

Lie detector or Polygraph tests are carried out by a qualified examiner. The examiner will be a member of either The British and European Polygraph Association or The American Polygraph Association. The test can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel or meeting room or even at your office. The examiner will be very discreet and the test will be handled with great sensitivity.

The test itself is estimated to be approximately 98% accurate when carried out by a qualified examiner who uses the most up to date computerised equipment. It should take about 2 3 hours and is in 3 parts.

Part 1

Approximately one hour is spent discussing the issue with the person who is to be tested. The questions which are to be asked are agreed by both the subject and the examiner and then the procedure of the test itself is discussed.

Part 2

This is the testing section. The subject is attached to several measurement components. 3 tests are normally run, with a short break in between.

Part 3

The evaluation of the test sheets and the reporting back after a post-test interview. In most cases the results can be given at this time.

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