PC Forensics

PC Monitoring is the best tool for finding out what is happening on your child's PC. Recording information such as emails, facebook, googlemail and yahoo activity.

It is a very effective way for parental monitoring on your child's computer. PC monitoring is best achieved by installing a software package. We offer the best software packages on the market.

The software takes seconds to load. The software runs whenever the PC is used and the PC runs as normal. It will record every action performed on the PC from the emails to the websites visited. It will record any conversations on MSN or similar social networks.

The information is reported back to you in a daily report via email. The software is very simple to remove and only need a single command and it is gone.

Whether you want to make sure they are not on the computer all night or that they are safely using the internet this is the ideal way to stop the worry.

Put your mind at rest and keep your child safe.

For further information:

Call Free on 0113 335 0509 or Email contact@private-detectives-leeds.co.uk

**We assume no liability and are not responsible whatsoever for any misuse or damage caused by our software. It is the final user's responsibility to obey all relevant laws in their country pertaining to the rightful use of this software. By purchasng and downloading our software, you hereby agree to the above. The purchaser must have absolute title to the computer.

Private Detectives Leeds PC Monitoring Services

Our monitoring packages can capture:

  • Chats and Instant Messages
  • Web Sites Visited
  • Online Searches
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Document Tracking
  • Keywords Detected
  • Email Activity
  • MySpace + Facebook Activity
  • Files Transferred
  • Program Activity
  • User Activity

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