Listening Devices

Private Detectives Leeds Listening Device Services

Our state of the art Listening Devices are the best and most popular way of discreetly finding out what is said in a conversation between your spouse or partner and someone you believe they could be having an affair with.

The Listening Devices are voice activated and can be covertly concealed in a house, vehicle or office. The devices can be disguised as many different everyday objects, such as, smoke alarms, plug adapters and clocks. The devices can be either mains or battery powered depending on how they are disguised or hidden. It is also possible to call the device remotely to listen in as the device is fitted with the same technology as a mobile phone. The information will be collated and processed by us and then sent directly to you via email or by an audio disc posted to an address of your choice.

A Listening Device will be able to find you the truth. It will put your mind at rest and help you to move on in your life.

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